2023 Run Through

Ceremony details:
The ceremony is on May 11th in Liberty Hall Theatre, Dublin.
Rick O’ Shea is the MC.
It is NOT black tie. It is informal.
It is theatre style. Seats are not allocated. There is no boring meal. There are lots of sweets and crisps thrown to the audience though.
Photos from last year: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.5528915507190941&type=3

Doors open at 1830 and the ceremony has a hard start of 8pm.
The bar opens at 1830 and closes when the ceremony is on.
There is an interval at 9pm and the bar reopens and the event ends around 1030pm

Winners and trophies
There are Bronze, Silver and Gold winners per category. Gold wins a trophy. Runners up get a digital cert.
If you win and not there you can meet us in a future time in Dublin or Cork to collect the trophy.
We do not post trophies as no matter how much we pack and wrap them, the Irish postal service breaks 50% of them!
Agencies: Check with your client that they know that they are nominated.

Tickets are on sale and are €50 each for early bird. We put up prices with a week to go in order to incentivise people to confirm attendance. This results in us being able get clearer numbers and plan for them

You can join our mailing list too https://sockies.ie/mailing-list/

2023 Nominations

Nominations are now open

Entry is free for organisations with less than 5 paid employees, except if this is the work of an agency.

Early Bird Nominations close Monday March 27th 2023 at 6pm

Nominations are €50 per category until March 27th. Bulk discounts apply.

There are 41 categories this year and you can be nominated in 6 categories.

#sockies22 have launched

The 2022 Social Media Awards has been launched and is taking nominations in 32 different categories. As well as the usual Facebook, Twitter and Instagram categories, the awards this year will see the creation of 5 new categories:

Best Experimental (AR, VR, NFT etc.)
Social Media Campaign: Non-professionals
Social Media Campaign: LinkedIn
Social Media Strategy for Events
Social Media of Creators

Get nominating. Free entry to NGOs or SMEs with 5 or less paid employees.

Full category list.

This is an insight into what we ask the judges when they look at your nominations.

Sockies 2021 has launched

The 10th Social Media Awards has been launched and is taking nominations in 28 different categories. As well as the usual Facebook, Twitter and Instagram categories, the awards this year will see the creation of a category for TikTok and for Instagram Reels.

New Tiktok and Reels categories added. Snapchat cut. First Irish awards show to accept Bitcoin. NFT versions of trophies will be given to Winners. Focus on digital accessibility this year.

Get nominating. Free entry to NGOs or SMEs with less than 10 paid employees.

Full category list.

2020 Social Media Awards #sockies2020

The Finalists List is now available here.

For the first time ever #sockies2020 are pay to enter but we’re about 1/10th the price of other award shows. We generate almost all revenue from ticket sales for the physical event. Due to Covid19 we will not be having a physical awards show this year. Having asked around, sponsorship budgets were one of the first areas to be slashed so it’s very hard to get a sponsor. And since an awards where we won’t allow sponsors to enter our awards, it’s even tougher to get people to sponsor because you love to enter.

So this year nominations are €20 for a single category. 1 category is €20, 3 is €60, 4 is €80 etc. So two categories is less than the price of one ticket to the event. If you don’t want to pay to enter, that’s fine, we hope to see you next year when everything goes back to normal.
2020 Nominations are now open. They close August 28th.

The nominations page has a payment link where you pay for your nominations and you’ll get a code that you use in your nomination entry.

We had to remove some categories this year as they weren’t popular for the past few years. If anything got 5 or less nominations, we removed them this year. We really need 5 to 10 nominations per category to make it worth carrying it.

We do have new categories this year, our favourite is Fuck Covid19 which is a free to enter category where you are nominating your work where using social media you added a bit of joy to our world during the lockdown. We also have a category for Media org strategies since Irish media really has gone fully multichannel in the past few years. We also have a category for those using Social Media for Factual Communications, a category for those fighting false and dangerous misinformation that causes harm to society. Another new category is Using Social Media for Fundraising. Some charities and NGOs really got a pummelling because of Covid19 and new ones pipped up to help health workers and their community. We want to recognise that work.

We hope to see some of our regular finalists enter again this year but if not, come back next year! Join our mailing list.

Damien and the Team

2019 Social Media Awards

The Finalists for #sockies19 – The Social Media Awards are available here.

The event is on in Liberty Hall Theatre on July 25th. We expect a sold out show. Early Bird tickets are €35 and are on sale until Friday 28th of June. You can purchase them here. Tickets will be €50 full price.

The theme of the awards this year is “Let’s have a Kiki” so dress how you want.

2019 Social Media Awards Finalists

The nominees for the 2019 Social Media Awards are here.

Nominated in 2019 Social Media Awards