Regular Nominations are closed. Late Entries are €100 per category

Nominations are closed

Make a Word backup of your entries, even before you press submit!
We are only taking late entries and these are €100 per category today and €100 per category on Monday.

Nominations closed August 28th at 3pm
It is now €100 per category to enter the awards. Payment page. Please pay before entering.
Agencies contact for bulk nomination discounts.
You will receive your entry code via email from, check the spam folder.

No physical event this year, sadly, thus minimal nomination charges to cover trophies and other costs.

Read all of the below because our support replies are very sarcastic. will get us.
An email from will be sent to you to verify your entry. If you don’t verify it, your nominations won’t go through. Check spam.
Hitting the word count? Just hyphenate-some-of-the-words
This covers your social media work from July 2019 to end of July 2020.
We suggest copying and pasting your entry into a Word document just in case anything goes wrong as you’re nominating.
Use for word count. The form only counts words after you click out of that section. MS Word is a terrible word counter.

Agencies: For each client, use a different nomination email. Keep all the client work in one nomination, do not mix clients into one nomination or the nomination will not be accepted. You can use a different email per client.
A company can enter in up to 5 categories. You cannot enter your company/client in a section twice e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Video, Strategy/Campaign.
You cannot enter the Agency, Team or Grand Prix categories, they are chosen by a panel.

This is a form for two different organisation types. The first half is for NGOs, SMEs and Public Bodies. Categories 1-22.
The second half is for large businesses, agencies and brands. Categories 23-35.
A business can enter the first or second half, not both.
Only someone from the business/org or an agreed representative can nominate them in this event.

We reserve the right to cancel, merge or edit a category based on nomination numbers. you will be reimbursed.
Look, we’re still in a pandemic, of course we’ll give you some leeway, please give us some too.

Late entries (up to 48 hours) incur an admin fee of €100 per category and need to be paid upfront. Asking us to edit your nomination after entries close is a pain so this also incurs this fee. So don’t be late!
Late entries from September 3rd are €200 per category.
Your entry will be judged by the public and social media enthusiasts.

Be careful when copying and pasting with the word count. Delete any white spaces before first and last words. Links are counted by our word counter. Our counter over-counts so consider max word count at about 90%. If it says you are over by 4 words, delete 5 words. We get most questions about this bit.

Do not use link shorteners like Bitly, our system messes them up.
You’d do us a great service by sending us clean links without all the ?fbclid=Iw stuff at the end.

You can jump to the category that you're interested in by clicking on the links below :

1.Facebook Small Business: 1-30 staff (In-House)

2.Facebook NGO/Charity: 10 or less staff (In-House)

3.Facebook NGO: 11+ Staff

4.Facebook for a State Org: In-House run

5.Twitter Small Business: 1-30 staff (In-House)

6.Twitter for an NGO/Charity: In-House

7.Twitter Public Body/ State Org: In-House

8.Instagram Small Business: 1-30 staff (In-House)

9.Instagram for a Public Body/ State Org (In-House)

10.Instagram NGO/Charity: 10 or less staff (In-House)

11.Instagram for an NGO 11+ staff: (In-House)

12.Small Biz Video Campaign: Up to 30 staff (In-House)

13.Public Body/State Org Video Campaign

14.NGO Video Campaign

15.Social Media Campaign for Fundraising (Free to enter)

16.Social Media Strategy by an SME: (In-House)

17.Social Media by an NGO/Charity: (In-House)

18.Social Media Strategy by State Body

19.Social Media for Factual Communications (Free entry)

20.Content Creation (In-House) – Blogs, podcasts etc.

21.Facebook for a Business/Brand: (In-House)

22.Facebook for a Business/Brand/Org (Agency Run)

23.Twitter Brand/Business/Org: (In House)

24.Instagram Business/Brand/Org: (In-House)

25.Instagram Business/Brand/Org: (Agency Run)

26.Social Media driving eCommerce

27.Video Campaign of Business/Brand/Org: (In-house)

28.Video/Video Campaign: (Agency Run)

29.Branded Content Series

30.Social Media Strategy for a Media Organisation

31.Use of Social Media by Finance Org, Utility or Telco

32.Social Media Strategy: (In-House)

33.Social Media Strategy: (Agency Run)

34.Communications Strategy for Covid19

35.Social Media Campaign – Event/Sponsorship

36.Fuck Covid19 (Free to enter)

Are these nominations backed up into Word? Select all and copy and paste now!
Make sure the word counts have been checked and are ok. If over, use hyphenate-words-together.
Make sure you have entered 5 or less categories.
Check there are no typos in your email.

Good luck!