2019 Categories

Sockies Beag


1.Facebook for Small Business 15 or less employees (In-House)
2.Facebook of Small Business 16- 50 employees (In-House)
3 Facebook for a Small NGO 15 or less employees (In-House)
4 Facebook for a Large NGO 16+ employees (In-House)
5.Facebook for a Public Body/ State Org (In-House)

6.Best Small Business Twitter 15 or less employees (In-House)
7.Best Small business Twitter 16-50 employees (In-House)
8.Best NGO Twitter account (In-House)
9 Twitter of a Public Body/ State Org (In-House)

10.Best Use of Instagram by Small Business 15 or less employees (In-House)
11.Best Use of Instagram by a Small Business 16- 50 employees (In-House)
12.Best Use of Instagram by Public Body/ State Org (In-House)
13 Best Use of Instagram by an NGO (In-House)

14.Best Videos of Company/Org 15 or less employees (In-House)
15.Best Video/Video Campaign of Company/Org 16- 50 employees (In-House)
16 Video Campaign of an NGO
17 Video campaign of a Public Body/ State Org

18 Content Creation
19 Social Media Strategy SME
20 Social Media Strategy NGO
21 Social Media Strategy Public Body/ State Org
22.Use of Social Media by a Gym/Personal Trainer

23. Best Team
24. Grand Prix

Sockies Mór

1. Facebook for a Business/Brand/Org (Agency Run)
2. Facebook for a Business/Brand (In-House)

3. Twitter for a Business/Brand/Org (Agency Run)
4. Twitter for a Business/Brand (In-House)

5. Best Use of Instagram Agency (Business/Organisation)
6. Best Use of Instagram In House (Business/Organisation)

7. Best Use of Snapchat for a Brand
8. eCommerce and Social Media

9. Best Video/Video Campaign of Company/Org (In-house, Large)
10. Best Video/Video Campaign by An Agency
11. Sponsored Video Series

12. Branded Content Series / Sponsored Content
13. Use of Influencers
14. Use of Social Media by Utility or Telco
15. Social Media Strategy (In-House)
16. Social Media Strategy (Agency)
17.Social Media Campaign – Travel and Tourism (inbound)
18.Social Media Campaign – Sports Sponsorship
19.Social Media Campaign – Event/Sponsorship (other)

Grands Prix
20. Best In-House Team
21. Best Intern
22. Best Small Agency
23. Best Agency Large
24. Grand Prix