Nominations are closed

Read all of the below because we don’t offer tech support.

Late Nominations for the 2017 Sockies are now €400 per category. Card Payment will need to be received before your late nomination is accepted and late entries close on April 20th. Contact to arrange payment

  • Free Nominations closed April 11th at 3pm
  • Only someone from the business/org or an agreed representative can nominate them in this event.
  • This covers your social media work from July 2016 to March 2017.
  • We suggest copying and pasting your entry into a Word document just in case anything goes wrong as you’re nominating.
  • An email from will be sent to you to verify your entry. If you don’t verify it, your nominations won’t go through. Check spam.
  • Once verified you will be sent a link which allows you to edit your entry up to the close of nominations.
  • Nominations close on April 11th at 2pm
  • A company can enter in up to 5 categories. You cannot enter a company/client in a category two or more times. If you want to nominate multiple companies, use a unique email per company entry.
  • Late entries (up to 48 hours) incur an admin fee of €200 per category and need to be paid upfront. Asking us to edit your nomination after entries close also incurs this fee. So don’t be late!
  • Late entries from April 14th and after are €500 per category.
  • Your entry will be judged by the public and social media enthusiasts.
  • It is not up to us to tell you what categories to enter. You’re a a big boy or girl.
  • Our contact email is but we won’t answer emails about extensions or exceptions and you may not get an answer if we think your question has already been answered here.
  • Be careful when copying and pasting with the word count. Delete any white spaces before first and last words. Links are counted by our word counter. Our counter over-counts so consider max word count at about 95%. If it says you are over by 4 words, delete 4 words. We get most questions about this bit. Stay strong!

You can jump to the category that you're interested in by clicking on the links below :

1.Facebook for Small Business (In-House)

2.Facebook of a Medium+ Business (In-House)

3.Facebook for a Business/Brand (Agency Run)

4.Facebook of a Media Organisation

5.Facebook for a Non-Profit/Organisation

6.Facebook for a State Org

7.Best Business Twitter account – Run

8.Best Business Twitter account – In-House Run

9.Best Non-Profit/Organisation Twitter account

10.Best Business/Org Twitter Campaign

11.Best Mobile App

12.Best Use of Instagram

13.Best Use of Snapchat

14.Social Media by an SME – 5 or less staff (In house)

15.Social Media by an SME – 6+ staff (In house)

16.Best Blog of an SME

17.Social Media and eCommerce

18.Customer Care across Social Media

19.Úsáid Na Meáin Shóisialta

20.Best Use of Social Media by State Body

21.Best Experimental Format (WhatsApp, VR/AR)

22.Best Video/Video Campaign (non broadcast)

23.Best Live Video Series

24.Integrated Social Media Campaign

25.Best use of Realtime Marketing

26.Zero Budget Social Media Campaign