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  • This covers your social media work from June 2018 to end of March 2019. (Beast from the East work accepted)
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  • Free Nominations close on May 25th at 3pm
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You can jump to the category that you're interested in by clicking on the links below :

1.Facebook Small Business: 15 or less staff (In-House)

2.Facebook Small Business: 16-50 staff (In-House)

3.Facebook NGO/Charity: 15 or less staff (In-House)

4.Facebook NGO: 16+ Staff

5.Facebook for a State Org: In-House run

6.Twitter Small Business: 15 or less staff (In-House)

7.Twitter for Small Business: 16-50 staff (In-House)

8.Twitter for an NGO/Charity: In-House

9.Twitter Public Body/ State Org: In-House

10.Instagram for an NGO: (In-House)

11.Instagram Small Business: 16-50 staff (In-House)

12.Instagram for a Public Body/ State Org (In-House)

13.Instagram NGO/Charity: 15 or less staff (In-House)

14.Small Biz Video Campaign: 15 staff or less (In-House)

15.Small Biz Video Campaign: 16-50 staff (In-House)

16.NGO Video Campaign

17.Public Body/State Org Video Campaign

18.Use of Social Media by a Gym/Personal Trainer

19.Content Creation (In-House)

20.Social Media Strategy by an SME: (In-House)

21.Social Media by an NGO/Charity: (In-House)

22.Social Media Strategy by State Body

23.- – – – Best Mobile App

24.Facebook for a Business/Brand: (In-House)

25.Facebook for a Business/Brand/Org (Agency Run)

26.Twitter Brand/Business: (Agency Run)

27.Twitter Brand/Business/Org: (In House)

28.Instagram Business/Brand/Org: (In-House)

29.Instagram Business/Brand/Org: (Agency Run)

30.Best Use of Snapchat

31.eCommerce and Social Media

32.Video Campaign of Business/Brand/Org: (In-house)

33.Video/Video Campaign: (Agency Run)

34.Sponsored Video Series

35.Branded Content Series

36.Use of Influencers

37.Social Media for a Media Organisation

38.Use of Social Media by Utility or Telco

39.Social Media Strategy: (In-House)

40.Social Media Strategy: (Agency Run)

41.Social Media Campaign – Travel and Tourism (inbound)

42.Social Media Campaign – Event/Sponsorship (other)

43.Social Media Campaign – Sports Sponsorship

44.Best Intern