2020 Categories

SMEs, State Bodies, NGOs

1.Facebook Small Business: 1-30 staff (In-House)
2.Facebook NGO/Charity: 10 or less staff (In-House)
3.Facebook NGO: 11+ Staff
4.Facebook for a State Org: In-House run

5.Twitter Small Business: 1-30 staff (In-House)
6.Twitter for an NGO/Charity: In-House
7.Twitter Public Body/ State Org: In-House

8.Instagram Small Business: 1-30 staff (In-House)
9.Instagram for a Public Body/ State Org (In-House)
10.Instagram NGO/Charity: 10 or less staff (In-House)
11.Instagram for an NGO 11+ staff: (In-House)

12.Small Biz Video Campaign: Up to 30 staff (In-House)

13.Public Body/State Org Video Campaign
14.NGO Video Campaign
15.Social Media Campaign for Fundraising
16.Social Media Strategy by an SME: (In-House)
17.Social Media by an NGO/Charity: (In-House)
18.Social Media Strategy by State Body

19.Use of Social Media for Factual Communications

Brand and Agencies

20.Content Creation (In-House) – Blogs, podcasts etc.

21.Facebook for a Business/Brand: (In-House)
22.Facebook for a Business/Brand/Org (Agency Run)

23.Twitter Brand/Business/Org: (In House)

24.Instagram Business/Brand/Org: (In-House)
25.Instagram Business/Brand/Org: (Agency Run)

26.Social Media driving eCommerce
27.Video Campaign of Business/Brand/Org: (In-house)
28.Video/Video Campaign: (Agency Run)
29.Branded Content Series

30.Social Media Strategy for a Media Organisation
31.Use of Social Media by Finance Org, Utility or Telco – Sponsored by MBC Financial
32.Social Media Strategy: (In-House)
33.Social Media Strategy: (Agency Run)
34.Social Media Campaign – Event/Sponsorship

35.Communications Strategy for Covid19
36.Fuck Covid19 (Free to enter)

Grands Prix (Chosen by Judges)
37. Best In-House Team
38. Best Small Agency
39. Best Agency Large
40. Grand Prix